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Freud at Work_Part 2

  Interestingly Freud suggested that we are not rational beings but are driven by emotions whose genesis is unconscious. Brilliant thought this. I once heard ShahRukh Khan say `I am an entertainer and I want to die while lights are on my face, camera rolling and I am entertaining people’. Not his death wish but this statement is about his emotional drive and passion for his work. I recently heard one o ...

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Freud At Work _ Part 1

When I first started reading about Freud’s work, there was a lot of resistance in me to accept some parts of his theory. I found a lot of people like me, who had difficulty accepting his concepts, particularly around the root cause of human condition. Having read a lot about his work and having keenly observed all the things around, I realized that unknowingly we put a lot of his concepts to work. Today my ...

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Creativity at work

I haven’t met one so far who says that creativity is not important. It seems like it is recognized but is not given the due recognition that it deserves. Creativity comes naturally to few people and to others it seems like a mighty insurmountable challenge and is usually followed by a ‘that’s not for me’. When we say that creativity is not for me we forget that we are all born creative. We see children bein ...

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Building Alexander’s Army

Maslow’s theory of Hierarchy of Needs is not just about stacking human needs in a particular order but goes much beyond that. Maslow, like many other great thinkers was not well understood by his contemporaries and that misunderstanding continues even today. It was fashionable in that era to bash Maslow up and a lot got written that rubbishes his work piece by piece. However, there are such pearls of wisdom ...

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