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Six things I discovered about Talent

What do you think a Wild Duck, Sound Smith, Bounty Hunter and a Rain Maker have in common? If you thought these were the names of pubs I visited this year, have no such notion. These are the latest job titles. Yes, you read that right! Amused as I was with these titles when I first heard them, they also took me down memory lane. Over a decade ago, I remember feeling similarly amused by induction of the word ...

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Key Focus Areas for HR Function

  Recent discussions in various HR forums amused me as expected. A new debate seems to be gaining popularity that CPOs are the best choice for the top job. Twenty years practice of listening to such amusing discussions and watching the ground reality has made me prudent enough to neither react nor participate. While there may be no harm in intellectual stimulation, in dreaming big, distinguishing it fr ...

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Decoding Careers

About a decade ago, I was once invited by a management school to talk to their students about the process of building careers. I was expected to draw on my experience of working with career development, succession planning and such other processes. Students were expecting guidance on how to choose a right career, how to progress with it, how to set goals, what are the challenges of building careers and how ...

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