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Culture v/s Strategy

The way we think and operate in groups is quite interesting. Recently in a training program I popped a question, “what inspires us to move ahead?” and immediately there are a lot of responses. Lot of people shared that working as a team inspired them. This somehow resonated with me quite a lot. How does it inspire a person so much when he or she is working together with people?   What comes to my mind ...

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A Subtle Revolution

Indian judiciary shows a sign of life, and how!   Supreme Court in its recent landmark judgment rules that tainted law makers will not be allowed to hold offices. Allahabad HC rules that leaders behind the bar cannot contest election and will not have voting rights. The noose is getting tight on a few politicians. I am sure many of you started seeing many politicians behind bars or unceremoniously remo ...

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Building Alexander’s Army

Maslow’s theory of Hierarchy of Needs is not just about stacking human needs in a particular order but goes much beyond that. Maslow, like many other great thinkers was not well understood by his contemporaries and that misunderstanding continues even today. It was fashionable in that era to bash Maslow up and a lot got written that rubbishes his work piece by piece. However, there are such pearls of wisdom ...

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