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Save trees for food security

  Are you environment conscious? Do you love trees? Do you love them enough to write `don’t print this unless you must’ or save paper, save trees’? If yes, then read on. If no, you would love to read this even more. I often receive emails suggesting that one should not print unless one must, to save trees. It made me curious enough to dig deep into this matter. Upon little exploration, I discovered som ...

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Murthy Returns

  It’s been over a year since Mr Murthy’s returned to Infosys. It was an unusual event that ruffled many feathers. Against the backdrop of a plateauing top line, dropping share price and impending recession, it came across as a desperate measure. He was obviously received by some with joy, some with relief, some with surprise, some with suspicion and some were even petrified. While this was not a new p ...

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