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Freud at Work_Part 2

  Interestingly Freud suggested that we are not rational beings but are driven by emotions whose genesis is unconscious. Brilliant thought this. I once heard ShahRukh Khan say `I am an entertainer and I want to die while lights are on my face, camera rolling and I am entertaining people’. Not his death wish but this statement is about his emotional drive and passion for his work. I recently heard one o ...

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Freud At Work _ Part 1

When I first started reading about Freud’s work, there was a lot of resistance in me to accept some parts of his theory. I found a lot of people like me, who had difficulty accepting his concepts, particularly around the root cause of human condition. Having read a lot about his work and having keenly observed all the things around, I realized that unknowingly we put a lot of his concepts to work. Today my ...

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