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Six things I discovered about Talent

What do you think a Wild Duck, Sound Smith, Bounty Hunter and a Rain Maker have in common? If you thought these were the names of pubs I visited this year, have no such notion. These are the latest job titles. Yes, you read that right! Amused as I was with these titles when I first heard them, they also took me down memory lane. Over a decade ago, I remember feeling similarly amused by induction of the word ...

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Six Principles of Good Life

Thousands of years ago those seers and sages in the Himalayas, scripted a conspiracy against today’s civil society. We all walked into their plot and were trapped for years. We lived by their propaganda but got nowhere. We were systematically brainwashed to believe that `Shad-ripus’ are the highway to hell. We denounced them but none of us achieved Buddha-hood or achieved salvation. Time has come for us to ...

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