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Six Principles of Good Life

sageThousands of years ago those seers and sages in the Himalayas, scripted a conspiracy against today’s civil society. We all walked into their plot and were trapped for years. We lived by their propaganda but got nowhere. We were systematically brainwashed to believe that `Shad-ripus’ are the highway to hell. We denounced them but none of us achieved Buddha-hood or achieved salvation. Time has come for us to face the TRUTH and break the shackles. As a matter of fact, these six so called enemies are the core principle of our life. I can’t imagine life on earth without Kama, Lobha, Krodha, Moha, Mada and Matsara. They are the central themes of our lives and see how happy we are! The entire consumerism all over the world is supported by these core principles. What would human existence be without them?

I am always so excited at the onset of summer, `the Mango season!’. A certain celebrity would dominate the celluloid space with her near erotic ways to lure me to consume a certain mango drink. Her revealing costume, that mango orchard and frolicking with her toy boy, her curvaceous body, that inviting playfulness followed by the act of removing stem and mango juice oozing out.  Oh my god! It’s such an innocent soft porn that catches me agape with my two year old and my old man. I scurry for the remote to act a little civil but it has obviously disappeared, so I abuse those long haired so called creative ad people to be politically correct, vow to ban that drink out of my life only to be caught watching it agape next time. If I miss that, I am well served by those personal hygiene products, those ice-creams, confectionary and the list goes on. Summer is hot for more reasons than one. But summer or winter, celluloid or net, Sales is all about KAMA. In my city there are hoardings showing a pretty faces with a tag line `luxurious 1 BHK apartment’. The overall consumerism, the bread and butter of all those retailers out there is KAMA-based, the principle of lust, objects of desire and pleasure. It’s all about those good things in life without which you and I are merely vegetating. I mean, can you imagine life without overseas vacations or a fancy car or a Rolex or a Louis Vuitton and Gucci? That’s like being Virat without Anushka, yes that most real actress with the lip job. It’s a Kamic existence for us! I bet the world economy will collapse if we take our sage’s counsel.

The entire literature on Human Motivation is based on LOBHA, the principle of greed. It’s genesis is the assumption that a (wo)man always WANTS more! We are made to believe that unless we have the desire, we will not be able to change our condition. We need to want to make money, grow and go places. Do you think those sages knew better than the Maslows, McGregors, McLelands and Alders of the world? Principle of progress is nothing but the principle of greed. Life’s real message for us is to never be content, always want more. We owe it to that Earthen Pot we made thousands of years ago, we have not stopped wanting and gathering, we have only stopped being content. Sages should not complain because we have also learnt to shop for spirituality. Those who don’t desire much, don’t make much, whatever is object of their desire. There is a scientific explanation to this in concepts like Law of Attraction which even sages subscribed to. Businesses have to explain if their revenues stabilize, NGOs who should ideally do less business progressively are compelled to show continuous growth. And their employee’s greed is fed by the incentives of the latest iPhone, international vacation of choice with family or trip to France for all. So, no greed, no growth! Even Ashoka Emblem would not have made it to our national flag without the greed for Kalinga, let’s not forget!

I once met a medical doctor with troubled childhood. He was physically challenged and hence rejected by his own parents. They thrashed him, abused him, humiliated and discriminated him. He grew up to become a very angry person. In his fit of anger, he left his house with an urge to prove himself. He toiled for years, did insane things to survive, got himself educated but returned home after several years as a doctor with distinction. I fail to understand which way is anger bad. Chanakya’s anger got us our first sovereign status. Anger of American and French people brought order to our lives by ending imperialism, feudalism and induction of democracy. It was the anger of Gandhi, his contemporaries that gave them the conviction to put their lives on the block and it was the anger that saw millions at Jantar Mantar and billions in front of their TVs during Anna Agitation. Anger has the power to move masses, change social order and also transform our lives. Forgiveness makes us feel more abused.  Trying to suppress anger, release it, forget it, forgive are more ambiguous goals than using anger the Chanakya way. As a result followers of Chanakya find themselves at the top of the heap while others are languishing in the cycles of life & death.

Bhima got so proud of his physical power once that Hanuman had to humble him through his incarnation of an old monkey. That’s an old story with no relevance. Today it’s all about monkey. If we don’t do monkey, we will not be noticed. So it doesn’t matter whether you have it in you or not, just keep blowing your trumpet, keep doing things that attract attention. It’s not about the product, it is the packaging. Pride is for anyone and everyone. Organizations spend millions to instil sense of pride in their employees. Even social work is a matter of pride. The whole system is designed to make us Mada-Masta, `high on pride’. Even commoners like me have Facebook to flaunt my humble belongings. Pride is about ownership, acquisition. If you don’t HAVE, you are nobody. How would sages who had nothing to show, understand this?



For just 2 bucks a day, Bennett Coleman & Company has done the marvel of wiping all the negative genetic coding done by those seers and sages on our soul. Out of 365 days a year there are more days with reasons to celebrate by shopping than not. Could they assure us so much joy, exhilaration and transcendence? They put us through myriad paths of understanding, experiencing spirituality for salvation. Salvation, that no one could explain, is now easily available at a Mall near you for a thousand bucks. Who were they kidding? It’s MOHA that gets us going. Life is maya, it is a temptation. There is a zillion dollar world economy based on this temptation. There is a whole science at work to tempt people. On your death bed, would you be thinking about salvation or about that girl you could not posses, that place you could not visit, that car you could have bought, those normal vices you could have indulged into?

We learn most of our traits by watching others, things that they have, things they do. MATSARA, principle of jealousy became victim of the same propaganda. If I stop looking at what you have and stop feeling jealous about it, I would just stop growing. Shove the love, fact of life is that we are all jealous of each other and want our condition to be better than others. The locus of my life is my neighbour’s life and perhaps also his wife. Those on top of this game can afford to show love but down here, I am all jealous. GLUTTONY they said was another sin. They obviously didn’t eat pizzas, burgers, kebabs or Chinese, let alone all the French food & wines.

So friends, let’s get real. Time has come for us to unshackle ourselves of those ideals that got us only confused. What we see is what we get. What we don’t see, doesn’t exist. Don’t be afraid, there is no life after death. Live life like no one’s watching because there is no one watching. Embrace these six principles and add more life to your life. 

Rahoul Joshii

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