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Save trees for food security

  Are you environment conscious? Do you love trees? Do you love them enough to write `don’t print this unless you must’ or save paper, save trees’? If yes, then read on. If no, you would love to read this even more. I often receive emails suggesting that one should not print unless one must, to save trees. It made me curious enough to dig deep into this matter. Upon little exploration, I discovered som ...

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Murthy Returns

  It’s been over a year since Mr Murthy’s returned to Infosys. It was an unusual event that ruffled many feathers. Against the backdrop of a plateauing top line, dropping share price and impending recession, it came across as a desperate measure. He was obviously received by some with joy, some with relief, some with surprise, some with suspicion and some were even petrified. While this was not a new p ...

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Wings of Change

A well built, powerful, young boxing champion approaches a dashing Indian industrialist in the early thirties with a proposal. They take to each other almost instantly and a deep friendship brews. Friendship based on their common passion, a shared dream and spirit of adventure. Friendship that creates history and gives India wings to fly. Two gentlemen, Nevill Vintcent, a pilot so strong that he could virtu ...

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Economics of Make in India

As a kid when I flipped around my battery operated toys, cars, wrist watches or even some electronic items at home, I could read `Made in Taiwan’. In those days of control, I used to feel privileged that I could use imported goods. Now, in the so called open economy our markets are infested with everything made in China whether it is our tech toy or those artificial flowers in the vase. I don’t particularly ...

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Gestalt of Mangalyaan

Mangalyaan has made history and with this it completes a gestalt that was triggered by Russia denying Cryogenic Engine Technology to India way back in 1993. There was this series of events that started with India hitting a roadblock with its indigenous development of this technology in early 80s. Cryogenic rocket engine technology uses super cooled liquid gases like Hydrogen and Oxygen below -250 degrees, a ...

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India’s Deputy Consul General for Commerce, Political, Economic and Women’s Affairs, Ms Devyani Khobragade, got arrested, frisked and released on bail for a surety of a whopping USD 250,000. Charges against her – Fraudulent US Visa application for her housekeeper cum nanny, Ms Sangeeta Richard and for exploiting her by paying much lesser than the prevalent minimum wages and misrepresentation.   For som ...

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A Subtle Revolution

Indian judiciary shows a sign of life, and how!   Supreme Court in its recent landmark judgment rules that tainted law makers will not be allowed to hold offices. Allahabad HC rules that leaders behind the bar cannot contest election and will not have voting rights. The noose is getting tight on a few politicians. I am sure many of you started seeing many politicians behind bars or unceremoniously remo ...

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